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Read This First!

Post  xiaoxin on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:53 pm

Pearls have always been considered as the jewelry of queens and for good reason. They used to be so expensive, much more so than diamonds and gold, that only royalty could afford them. That was of course before we learned how to grow them organically. Today, pearls come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and types and are not only used in classic necklaces, though those remain timeless and elegant. Natural pearls are the only gems that are created by a living creature and will always remain top of the line. Here are five pandora bracelet reasons why pearls are so special:

1) Pearls are simply elegant and classy. They are also timeless. They simply never go out of fashion and they make the wearer look classy and sophisticated.

2) The fashion industry is constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to accessorize pearls. You are certainly not limited to the classic necklace anymore, though it will always be a popular choice.

3) There are so many choices in pearls. All kinds of sizes, shapes and forms and any color under the rainbow. Black, white, blue, red, there is a color for any occasion.

4)They are very affordable. Cultured specimens are phenomenal pandora jewellery value for money. You almost get the same quality as the natural ones, at a fraction of the cost.

5)Pearls are very sensitive and need a lot of care pandora uk and attention to keep them from getting damaged. This sends a powerful message to the rest of the world about you.

Pearls will always be in high pandora demand as jewelry. If you are looking for a necklace or bracelet, then you are best of comparing prices and quality to get the most value for your money. Look for the luster, the shape and the surface, to determine the quality. If a pearl has no blemishes that are visible from a foot away, then you have stumbled onto a high quality item.


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