The Key To A Perfect Pair Of Ladies Boots

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The Key To A Perfect Pair Of Ladies Boots

Post  shimeixiaoxiao on Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:30 pm

Boots have a long, illustrious history, and really became popular with both sexes during the Victorian era. Ankle length boots without a heel (known as high-lows) were fashionable for women, and by the mid 1800's, the boot was the most popular form of footwear, crossing social divides as well as being adopted by both men and women. As time went on, the boot developed into an important fashion item, cycling in popularity. During the 1960's, boots again became replica watches fashionable, but fell out of favour during the 1980's and 1990's. Today, the cycle has turned again, and boots, particularly knee-length designs, are one of the high street's best sellers.

The perfect pair of boots for a woman takes into account a number of factors, but comfort will always be of primary importance. Not only should the perfect pair of boots look good, they should fit properly too. This doesn't just mean around the foot, but, depending on the length, around the lower leg as well. Because the typical boot now covers the lower leg, calf size is vital.

By ensuring that the boot fits properly around the leg, the flow of blood to the extremities is not restricted, making the boot more comfortable to wear. The length of the boot also pays an important role, dictated by the style of the boot, the current fashion trends and what kind of clothes the boot is worn with. Knee-length boots are currently very popular, particularly worn over jeans or trousers, or with skirts that compliment the length of the boot. Heels can be low or reach dizzying heights - the style of heel depends on the wearer. Most popular boots have a medium height heel, making the boot stylish but still comfortable to wear.

Boots have inspired a change in the way other clothes are made. Jeans and trousers now come in 'boot cut' designs, specifically tailored to be worn with boots. These are designed with the ankle-length boot more in mind. Recent fashion has seen the popularity of knee-length boots making a comeback, and subsequently more narrow-fit jeans and trousers are making a reappearance to compliment this particular design. It also means that the size of the ugg stovlar boot needs to take into consideration the additional layer of cloth between the leg and the boot, meaning elasticated material is becoming more common in the production and manufacture of knee-length boots. This elasticated feature again makes the boot more comfortable to wear.

Ladies boots offer a rich variety of choices, with a whole range of materials being used to manufacture quality women's boots. Leather is still the material of choice, as it is hard-wearing, durable and easy to maintain. Leather also offers a degree of water-resistance, although man-made fabrics tend to be more waterproof than traditional leather. The advantage leather has over man-made fabrics is the amount of 'give' that leather inherently has. Through wear, leather stretches to fit the foot perfectly, giving a far more comfortable fit than less forgiving materials. Leather also tends to last much longer, meaning a favourite pair of boots can be worn for many years and still maintain its looks and comfort factor.

Ladies boots differ from men's footwear in that the requirement for the boot to function as a piece of work clothing is far less important. A ladies boot should offer the wearer comfort, style and sophistication, ugg sverige rather than rugged durability and protection from the elements. Ladies boots are usually worn as an everyday item, so the fit is all-important. The boot should fit snugly around the calf, but without being restrictive. Ankle movement should not be impaired, as most women's boots have heels, requiring more movement in the ankle during normal walking. The boots should not pinch the foot, as this can cause painful blisters to form very quickly.

Finally, the perfect pair of ladies boots should make the wearer feel special. Ladies boots are the proof that comfort and style can go together, and are a must-have addition to any wardrobe.


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