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Sheepskin boots are better known as Ugly boots or Ugg boots in Australia.ugg , The nomenclature of these boots as such is a result of it age-old history when these shoes were made in a shoddy manner in the absence of proper technology and provisions.ugg australia ,

History of Sheepskin Boots

Back in the days, Australian shearers/ butchers used to freeze the sheep skin to make it wearable quickly and economically. They did not know how to dye the skin or process it properly. As a result, the end product used to be ugly but boots, hence the name Uggs. The name still remains in fashion because it sounds good to Australian as slang.

Contemporary sheepskin boots

With considerable developments in technologies of all kinds, the yesteryears?Uggs is not ugly any more. There are many manufacturing units for Ugg boots in Melbourne, Australia that understand the product inside out and manufacture world-class quality Uggs.

You can find ample variety in their products, ranging from ugg boots for women, to uggs for children and men. Lace-up boots, tall/ long boots, short or low boots, Ultra short boots, ankle boots, baby boots, slippers and scuffs ?the variety available is almost endless and exhaustive.

The forte of these boots is that they keep the feet warm and cosy in winters and equally nice and cool in summers. Sheep skin being a natural product breathes and therefore so does your feet.

How to take care of sheep skin boots?

Taking care of your sheep skin boots is fairly simple too. Simply hand-wash them in cosy warm water in a wool detergent that is approved for its quality. Rinse thoroughly and use a towel to get rid of the any excess water. Do not dry in direct sunlight and do not let direct heat come in contact with the shoes, oops boots.


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